Style Hacks 101: Taking your heels from blah to hell yeah


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Style Hacks 101: Taking your heels from blah to hell yeah

Do you ever need your shoes to look extra special for an event, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new shoes or don’t want to make a permanent change to shoes that you already own? Then shoe clips are going to be a lifesaver for you. A single clip could change the whole look of your shoe and customize it to match your outfit and personal style.  

But, what exactly are shoe clips?

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Shoe clips are accessories that allow you to upgrade and modify the style of your shoes without making any permanent changes. This means you can put them on, take them off and change them as many times as you wish. Think of it like hair clips, but for your shoes. 


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We have known about shoe clips for a while but they have been around for longer than we could imagine. These accessories first appeared around the 18th century. Mainly made in France, shoe corsages were popular during the Victorian Era in Europe. However, towards the end of the century, the manufacture of these accessories moved to England.

Although these accessories seem to no longer be as popular on the western side of the world, they are actually quite popular in Asia, more specifically in South Korea. In this country, they are known as corsages. And are widely used to personalize and give that special feel to wedding shoes. However, corsages are not exclusively used for wedding shoes, as there are also many options available for the everyday shoes. 

As a Korean brand, KADA: KUDU loves shoe clips, or corsages as we know them. And we want to share them with our customers to pair them with the classic design of our shoes and customize them even further. (Yes, we said further, as KADA: KUDU allows you to customize the width and size of the shoe for each foot). 

How can they be used?

Shoe corsages have the design attached to a metal piece with a hinge and spikes to ensure that the clips don't move and stay on your shoes as you walk. 

To use them, all you have to do is open the clip, place it on the part of the shoe where you want it, and close it. Once closed, the shoe clip is secured, and thanks to the spikes it will not go anywhere.  

By simply adding a corsage to your shoes, you can elevate them from a simple pair of shoes to statement shoes.

Style ideas etc

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There are different styles of shoe clips suitable for any style and taste. You can customize your shoes using clips with bows, jewels, pearls, tassels, feathers, etc. You can even make them yourself. 

Shoe clips are very versatile. Not only can you choose the clip that better matches your style/ outfit, but you can also choose the placement on the shoe. Commonly the clips are placed on the front of the shoe, but there's more than one way. Shoe clips can also be placed on the back of the shoe and even the outer side of it. 

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Whether you get them for an event or just to match your personal style, shoe clips are a great tool to make the most out of your shoe collection. A simple shoe clip will make you feel like you got two pairs of shoes for the price of one.