An Insider’s Guide on How to Choose Comfortable Heels

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Can high-heels ever be truly comfortable?

Heel-skeptics marvel at women who seem unfazed at running errands, walking around town and dancing the night away in heels. Tempting as it may be to think, these women don’t have supernatural powers. They simply know how to pick heels that are comfortable. 

Not all heels are created equal. Choosing a well-designed pair means the difference between wearing them regularly or having them gather dust in your closet.

Here are some tips to picking high-heels that you will reach for over and over again:


1. Fit

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As with all shoes, a good fit is essential to comfort. High-heels should fit snugly and hold your feet firmly in place. Don’t be tempted to buy a loose fit, as this will cause your heel to slip out when walking.

As shoe brands tend to have different sizing, having your foot measurements (length and width) is the best way to guarantee that you will have a good fit. You can do this using KADA:KUDU’s Size Me mobile tool, or by tracing your foot on a piece of paper and measuring the tracing at the longest and widest points. 

When shopping online, check the size chart of each product you are considering and find the size that fits closest to your measurements.


2. Toe box-width

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To be comfortable for all-day wear, the toe-box of your heels need to be wide enough to comfortably accommodate your feet swelling at the end of a long day.

This doesn’t mean that you need to avoid pointed-toe shoes altogether in favor of round or square toe shapes. Whatever the shape of the shoe, the toe box width will determine whether or not the shoes will fit you comfortably.


Your toes should not feel squeezed when you try them on. If shopping online, try to find width dimensions in the product size chart, and ensure that the (toe box) width is less than 1.2cm (0.4 inch) narrower than the widest point of your toes. 

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of brands that offer width variations (narrow, medium, wide), custom-fit and those that cater exclusively to wide feet.



3. Great insole 

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Wearing heels means more of your weight will be borne by the balls of your feet. A cushioned insole that provides padding on the balls of your feet will provide relief as well as shock absorption when you walk on uneven surfaces. The best insoles also provide padding on your big toe and arch support. 






4. Heel guards

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If you think that blisters are a price to pay for breaking in new shoes… think again. Well-designed shoes should have cushioning or a more supple material where the shoe meets the back of your heel to reduce abrasion. The best designed heels have in-built heel guards to ensure that you never get blisters.


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