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As a local, one of my favorite places to visit on a Friday night or during the weekend in the beautifully chaotic city that is Bogotá is the neighborhood of Chapinero.

Located at the north of the city, Chapinero got its name back in 1885 from local artisans who crafted cork-soled, goatskin platform shoes called chapines (chopines). Since then, this neighborhood has evolved with its people and become one of the trendiest spots in Bogotá. 

One of the main characteristics of Chapinero is its architecture, quite atypical of the rest of the city; one could say it has more of an English style.


Blog Colombia Bogota Chapinero Architecture

Last weekend, I decided to do some touring around Chapinero. Here are the places I visited.


Rose Pastry Shop

Finding this place is very easy. In a sea of red-brick houses, a pink house on the corner of the street stands out from the rest.

Blog Colombia Bogota RosePastryShop interior

With also a pink interior, this pastry shop offers some of the prettiest desserts I have ever seen. I couldn't choose just one, so I tried 4 different desserts, but I must say my favorites were the Mille-feuille and Lulo green. Lulo is an acidic fruit local to Colombia and some other places in South America. 

Blog Colombia Bogota RosePastryShop

The Pastry shop is beautifully decorated and is the perfect place to take some pictures to spice up your Instagram feed. 

Blog Colombia Bogota RosePastryShop RoseLatte

This time I decided to go for some dessert and coffee but in their menu, you may also find savory options, and some cocktails as well. 



Il Mercatino

Only a four-minute walk away from Rose, we find our next stop, an Italian restaurant called Il Mercatino. 

Blog Colombia Bogota Mercatino building

This place is not only a restaurant but also a market. Here you may find a variety of cheese, handmade pasta, wine, among other things. 

Blog Colombia Bogota Mercatino Market

The first time I came into this restaurant, I was with my family, and it was pouring down in Bogotá. The staff welcomed us, lit on the fireplace, and sat us at a table nearby the fireplace. The ambiance, along with the amazing food made the evening an unforgettable experience. 

Blog Colombia Bogota Mercatino Food

The place is also well decorated, from the patio to the restroom (my favorite pictures have been taken there!).

Blog Colombia Bogota Mercatino Interior




Blog Colombia Bogota Chuculat logo

Did you know Chocolate comes from the American continent? Some say it comes from Mexico, others say it comes from The Amazon (Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Surinam, Guyana, and Bolivia). 

Blog Colombia Bogota Chuculat PremiumChocolate

Right in front of Il Merecatino is located a shop dedicated to Colombian Chocolate, Chuculat. This store works directly with small cacao producers from different regions of Colombia, to produce and share Premium chocolates from Colombia with the world. During my visit there, I learned about the origin of chocolate, the difference between cacao and cocoa, and tried an amazing dark chocolate bar with dried pineapple and dried goldenberries! I even bought a package of Chocolate chai -which I did not know existed but is very delicious!-

Blog Colombia Bogota Chuculat Chocolatebar

Did you know 95% of Colombia's cacao exports are considered “Fine Flavor” by the International Cacao Organization? If you want to learn more about chocolate and taste it in different presentations, this is a place you should visit!



Hanna Hops 

After all of that, I visited some antique shops you can find in the area, I didn't buy anything, but I did have a good time. 

Blog Colombia Bogota HannaHops

When I was done with my little antique shops trip, I called my friends and invited them to come over and have some drinks in one of the many pubs in the area. This is how I got to Hanna Hops.

Blog Colombia Bogota HannaHops Beer

Hanna Hops is a chill place where you can eat and drink some polas -the Colombian word for beers-. Within the beer options is their own beer - de la casa-, which was quite tasty. To have along with the beer we also ordered some chicken chunks and mini empanadas.

Blog Colombia Bogota HannaHops Chicken

Although I found the seats to be uncomfortable and the table a bit too small -we barely had any space to place our jar of beer, empanadas, and chicken chunks- the place has cool spots for pictures and the ambiance is nice for a chill night out with friends.



I had a day full of delicious food, a view full of beautiful houses, and a great time with my friends. One would think that for a day in which I knew I would be walking a lot, I would wear sneakers, but heels looked so much better with the outfit.  Although I was exhausted after such a long day walking, not once had I had to sit down and rest because my feet were in pain. Thank goodness for the KADA:KUDU’s Perfect pump, they do feel like sneakers.