Korean startup KADA:KUDU introduces virtual fitting solution for women’s shoes


With virtual shopping becoming the new normal in times of COVID-19, various brands are launching their products to satisfy their online customers -especially when it comes to clothes, shoes, accessories, where a good fit is a necessity. Korean startup KADA:KUDU, a women’s shoe brand, launched its first collection of virtually fitted shoes. KADA:KUDU launched with its groundbreaking image recognition software that measures a user’s foot from a single photo. It then pre-fills the orders with the recommended size so that women no longer need to “make do” with standard sizes or look up sizing charts when shopping for shoes.

KADA: KUDU’s “Size Me!” solution

KADA: KUDU, a startup backed by theKorean government’s K-Startup Grand Challenge 2020 program, was founded by Somang Yang and Joanna Lam in 2019 to solve the problem of using different sizing charts to order shoes online. “We wanted to solve the most frustrating part of shopping for shoes online: sizing charts that differ from brand to brand, often between different shoes of the same brand,” says Somang Yang. KADA: KADU’s “Size Me!” solution applies image recognition and measurement software to size a customer’s foot from a single photo. Size Me! first debuted on November 6th, 2020, with its first collection of virtually fitted shoes. The technology gives customers an exclusive experience of shoe-fitting online so that anyone with a phone can get well-fitted shoes from the comforts of their home. Size Me! allows customers to order shoes in different sizes and widths for each foot since an estimated 60% of people have differently sized left and right feet.

Size solution for ‘The “Perfect Pump'” collection

KADA:KADU has introduced its size solution for its ‘The Perfect Pump’ collection, which is designed for functional use with a classic design touch. “Most women love the way they look in heels, but heels are so uncomfortable. It would be best if you didn’t have to choose between style and comfort. We wanted to make a shoe you can wear to work but also run for the bus in,” says Joanna Lam, Co-Founder & CMO of KADA: KUDU.

The ‘Perfect Pump’ collection comprises a 7cm heel with a sleek silhouette featuring a contoured memory foam insole lined with 360° Air Cushion. The collection is handmade by artisans in Seongsu-dong, a neighborhood in Seoul with a rich heritage of shoemaking. It is available exclusively for pre-order on Indiegogo for $165 (early-bird pricing) in Black, Blush, Chestnut, and Cream.