Comfortable shoes
for the modern woman.

We make it easy for women to buy shoes that actually fit by offering a virtual fit solution from their phones.

Our story begins with the frustration of never being able to find shoesthat sit at the intersection of comfort, fit, and style. Something was always wrong: it was the right length but the wrong width, it fit our left foot but was a little loose for the right foot, it gave us blisters or hurt if we walked all day in it...the list goes on. And if we were lucky enough to find THE ONE, it would be impossible to replace after selling out.

We learned that we weren't the only ones. 87% of women suffer from uncomfortable shoes and that 76% of people don't fit into "standard" shoe size.

Beyond blisters and sore calf muscles, the long-term health consequences can be serious: bunions, foot deformities and back pain. We all have enough going on in our lives - our shoes don't need to be creating problems for us.


Rooted in the Korean word '가다' (kada), which means 'to go', we make shoes ('kudu') for going places. Shoes that take you from the boardroom to the bar, ones that you can jump, dance, and run for the bus in. Best of all, we make shoe shopping effortless: one virtual fitting from the comfort of your phone and a lifetime of getting the perfect fit, every time, in every style.


We make it easy for you to buy shoes that actually fit by offering
a virtual fit solution from your phone. Never worry about buying the wrong size
or settling for shoes that fit one foot, but not the other.
Just take 2 photos from your home, and shoes that fit perfectly will be on their way to you!


Our shoes are made in Seongsu-dong, a neighborhood in Seoul, with a rich heritage of shoemaking.
Our artisans have honed their craft over decades. Our manufacturer is a 2nd generation
shoemaker with whom we collaborated for our patent-pending 360° Air Cushion construction and technical insoles.